Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hagar and Misty May the mini donkey

Hagar, an English Shepherd (also known as Farm Collie) is ultra protective of all our livestock. But Misty May was a special case for him. You see when she was born to her little mini donkey mommy, the pony decided she was going to donkeynap her and raise her as her own.  A fight broke out between the mommy donkey and the pony, and it was a dangerous situation for the new wobbly still wet baby donkey who was caught in the middle of all that kicking and running.  Hagar saw the problem and took action. He barked viciously and chased the pony away from the baby and mommy, and even threatened to bite her if she came near.  Once he separated them, he stood guard over the baby for days in the field. (We moved the pony to the barnyard, but he was still worried and wouldn't leave her alone.  He laid in the field near her day and night. They bonded.  He is the most wonderful...smartest dog, and doesn't need much instruction.  He senses what you need and does it. He has helped me catch loose rabbits that somehow always manage to escape their field pens.  He catches and holds down the meat chickens on butcher day so I can put them in the carriers, all without hurting anything...and he keeps vermin out of the barnyard and groundhogs out of the pastures (he does tend to "hurt them".  We love him to pieces! And he loves us more!

Roxie...such a "face, and those EARS!"

Roxie...all grown up  Weighs about 12 lbs.  Her ears dropped!
Roxie, a PapiPoo Pup

This is where I sit to watch for intruders outside!

I hope they don't notice that shredded toilet paper in the bathroom!
Well...I'm just over 5 months old now...and I know how to go potty outside (I ring a bell on the door handle to let the family know I gotta go!).  I get to pick who I want to sleep with each night (mom and dad are the best, but I love Haydens fuzzy lion blanket to curl up on, and Rachel tends to flop around too much so I avoid sleeping on her tall bed in case I get pushed off, I could get hurt).  I have to have something different to eat each day...sometimes mom fries an egg for my breakfast, or I get some meat from dinner, or maybe I'm in the mood for my regular old crunchy dog food...it's all up to me because I'm so cute, I mostly get my way, mostly. I hate staying in my dumb cage when the family goes somewhere I'm not welcome...like Church or the grocery stores. I don't see why I can't go...I'm a good girl and just want to be included. I pout and cry in there...it's pitiful and I know how to make them feel bad for leaving me.   I weigh 4 1/2 lbs, and I am probably almost done growing. I am getting an operation Friday so I can't have puppies.  I heard mom say she is scared for me to have puppies, because I'm so tiny.  That's ok by me...I am going to stay a puppy myself and get all the attention...this way I won't have to share!  My ears look huge, but really it's mostly hair you see...everyone makes fun of them, but mom loves them.  They make people smile for some reason.

First Fresh Milk of the Season

  After finding homes for all but two of the babies this spring...which we are keeping to build my herd...this is what I milked from Dilly and Lena (both mini alpines), and just a little from Sandy, who is very small and is just in milk stand training. She is so cooperative, and even if she isn't, I can literally pick her up and plop her up on the stand.  This isn't much, but once the other 2 babies are weaned, we will be getting twice as much or more.  Bring it on! I am ready to make some yummy cheese and fudges!