Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Apple Pie Fruit Roll Up (Leather)

My kids love do I!  It tastes just like my homemade apple pie.  Sweet and tart and very appley.

My recipe:

1 quart of peeled and cored apple pieces
1/2 cup brown sugar  (more or less to your taste)
1 T. of Cinnamon  (also adjust to your taste)

Put all into your blender or food processor and blend until as smooth as baby food.
Pour onto the drying sheets for a dehydrator, set on fruit or 135 degrees, and it should be dry in 6 hours or so.  Test by pressing the center, and it should be dry and not tacky if ready
Allow to cool to room temp..then gently lift off in one sheet.  Cut with sizers or pizza cutter, and roll up if you want to.  I don't bother since my kids eat it up so quickly!  It will store for a long time if you vacuum seal it or refrigerate it.

If you don't own a dehydrator, you could also dry it in the oven if you can get the temp set low enough.  Mine won't, so I invested in a nice dehydrator and I do NOT regret it.  I use it almost every day for something.

you can use this same formula to try other fruits, like cherry, strawberry, mixed berries etc.  You can add banana to sweeten if you don't want to add sugar...but you will taste banana.  Have fun experimenting.

Friday, January 24, 2014

MeatZa PizZa Slider

1 LB LEAN GROUND BEEF (for 4 double sliders)




MARINARA SAUCE  (maybe a cup or so)

ONION & GARLIC POWDER OR SALT (lightly sprinkled over entire 1lb of meat in pan.)

 SALT & PEPPER (omit salt if you used onion or garlic salts)

I have a method that you may like to try or just fry your 8 small patties like you normally do.  I like to place the entire lb of meat into the cast iron pan.  I take a small pastry roller and roll the raw meat like dough, to a thickness of no more than 1/2 inch.  I season the meat after it's good and flat.    After the bottom is seared, I cut the meat into 8 equal sections, then flip them and season that side with the onion  & garlic powder and s&p.  Let it cook until almost done, then top each patty with marinara sauce, which was canned this summer, then a heap of shredded mozz (or a generous slice) then the pepperonis (I like to saute them a little first), then the parm chesse. Place one patty on the other for a double burger.  In another pan or griddle, butter some bread rounds (cut out of homemade, buttered bread) with a biscuit or round cookie cutter (a canning lid works in a pinch) and grill them on one side until toasty and delicious looking.  I'm sure you can figure the rest...enjoy with lots of napkins!

Use your imagination for a variety of toppings...peppers, onions, mushrooms, olives...go for it!