Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Roxie...such a "face, and those EARS!"

Roxie...all grown up  Weighs about 12 lbs.  Her ears dropped!
Roxie, a PapiPoo Pup

This is where I sit to watch for intruders outside!

I hope they don't notice that shredded toilet paper in the bathroom!
Well...I'm just over 5 months old now...and I know how to go potty outside (I ring a bell on the door handle to let the family know I gotta go!).  I get to pick who I want to sleep with each night (mom and dad are the best, but I love Haydens fuzzy lion blanket to curl up on, and Rachel tends to flop around too much so I avoid sleeping on her tall bed in case I get pushed off, I could get hurt).  I have to have something different to eat each day...sometimes mom fries an egg for my breakfast, or I get some meat from dinner, or maybe I'm in the mood for my regular old crunchy dog food...it's all up to me because I'm so cute, I mostly get my way, mostly. I hate staying in my dumb cage when the family goes somewhere I'm not welcome...like Church or the grocery stores. I don't see why I can't go...I'm a good girl and just want to be included. I pout and cry in there...it's pitiful and I know how to make them feel bad for leaving me.   I weigh 4 1/2 lbs, and I am probably almost done growing. I am getting an operation Friday so I can't have puppies.  I heard mom say she is scared for me to have puppies, because I'm so tiny.  That's ok by me...I am going to stay a puppy myself and get all the attention...this way I won't have to share!  My ears look huge, but really it's mostly hair you see...everyone makes fun of them, but mom loves them.  They make people smile for some reason.

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