Tuesday, February 28, 2012

After 14 years...we have a housepuppy!

So my husband has come around after 14 years of saying "NO!NO!NO!" to a house dog, or any house pet for that matter. He has welcomed an outside working farm dog, Hagar the English Shepherd, numerous goats, some that fainted dead away when we startled them, some that give us milk and cheese. Rabbits, (for meat and resale), ducks, chickens, mini donkeys, a pony...and a few rodent killing barn kitties. But when approached (pestered) over the years about a little buddy for the kids (me) in the house, he would not have it...period. (I forgot to get the pre pup-uial agreement) I went out on a flimsy limb and I brought little Roxie home...now he's smitten.  She can do no wrong...well she can, but he doesn't seem to get bent outta shape like if one of the kids would poop on the floor beside his bed....go figure.   I just am so tickled to have her here, and wanted to post some of my favorite shots. She is 14 weeks, and weighed in at 2.5 lbs yesterday at the vet. I suppose she will double her size...but she is still  a wee thing.

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